This page gives information about the current schedule of the MaReMas seminar.

The Seminar takes place every Monday, 11:00–12:00, in the seminar room 225.

There are different time frames depending on the speaker and topic:

  • PhD Students, Master and Bachelor student: 10 minutes talk and 10 minutes discussion
  • Evaluation talks: 20 minutes talk and 20 minutes discussion
  • Guests: 45 minutes talk and 15 minutes discussion


MaReMas Seminar Topics

08.04.24G. KlotzscheSafety instructions 
15.04.24G. BaronchaIntroduction of the PhD project 
22.04.24Yining HuangHarnessing High-resolution and Wide-line Solid-state NMR for Characterization of Metal-organic FrameworksUniversity of Western Ontario
29.04.24Daniel BandurTwo-carrier description of cuprate superconductors from NMR 
06.05.24Gayth AzankiExpanding zoo of NMR cryoporometry liquids 
13.05.24Jakob Nachtigal  
03.06Antareekshya DekaCharacterization of Mn2+ doped ZIF-8 via EPR spectroscopy 
10.06Abigail LeeHigh-pressure NMR on cuprate superconductors 
17.06Tobias Luehmanntba30 min


Other important events

Date & TimeEventTitlePlace
WeeklyColloquiumLeipzig Spin Resonance Colloquium on Wednesdays, 16:00 per ZoomZoom
7.11.22, 2:30MDR MeetingBig Lecture Hall, Johannisallee 29Chemistry
8.11.21, 2.30pmMDR MeetingLink to Event 
03.05.21, 2.30pmMDR MeetingProgramZoom
02.10.20, 2.30pmMDR MeetingProgramZoom
04.02.20Physik-KolloquiumLeif Schröder: Molecular sensing in NMR/MRI applications with hyperpolarized Xe in host-guest complexesTheory Lecture Hall
PhD defenceNataliya Georgieva: 77Se NMR study of the topological insulator Bi2Se3Small Lecture Hall,
MDR MeetingProgram Small Lecture Hall,
Johannisallee 29


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