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enlarge the image: LIPSION Lab


Type: Singletron™; HVE B.V., Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Terminal voltage: 0.8 - 3.0 MV
Terminal voltage stability: ±26 V
Terminal voltage ripple: 35 Vpp
Ion source: ECRIS; DREEBIT, Dresden, Germany; RF, short; HVE B.V., Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Ion types: H+, H2+, H22+, He+, He2+, N+, N2+, N22+
Beam currents:

Ion nano probe


Multi purpose chamber for ion beam analysis

Type: GONIO 941; HVE B.V., Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Methods: PIXE/C, RBS/C

enlarge the image: Photo vom 100 keV Implanter
100 keV Implanter, Photo: AQS
enlarge the image: Nano Implanter
Nano Implanter, Photo: AQS

Ion implantation system

Ion source: IQE 12/38; SPECS GmbH, Berlin, Germany
Gases: Ar, N, O2, H2, He
Energy range: 200 eV - 5 keV
Ion current range: 10 µA - 1 pA

AFM system

Manufacturer: nano analytik GmbH, Ilmenau, Germany
Methods: AC (Non Contact Mode), DC (Contact Mode)

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enlarge the image: CLSM setup
CLSM setup, Photo: AQS

Confocal Microscope

Laser: Nd:YAG (532 nm), Ar (488 nm)
Scan area: max. (80 x 80) µm2
Objectives: Air and oil
Lateral resolution: ≈350 nm (air), ≈250 nm (oil)
Axial resolution:  ≈(1 - 2) µm



enlarge the image: CLSM setup
CLSM setup, Photo: AQS

under construction

enlarge the image: Photo of Scanning Electron Microscope LEO 982, Zeiss
Scanning Electron Microscope LEO 982, Zeiss, Photo: AQS

Type: DSM 982 GEMINI; Carl Zeiss AG, Oberkochen, Germany
Emitter: Schottky Field Emission Gun (FEG)
Accelerating Voltage: 0.2 - 30 kV

C Sputter Coater

Type: 108carbon/A; Cressington Ltd., Watford, UK
Evaporation source: Bradley Type with ∅ 6.15 mm C rods and V2A shift mount
Sputter time: (1 - 30) s
Sputter current: max. 180 A

Au Sputter Coater

Type: 108auto; Cressington Ltd., Watford, UK
Sputter head: Cool-planar sputter magnetron source with magnet control
Sputter time: (1 - 300) s
Sputter current: (0 - 40) mA
Process gas: Ar

Layer Thickness Measurement

Type: MTM-10/MTM-10a; Cressington Ltd., Watford, UK
Method: Oscillating piezo quartz crystal (6 MHz)
Layer thickness range: (99,9 - 999,9) nm
Updating cycle: 10 Hz

Type: B30.2; VEB Hochvakuum Anlagenbau, Dresden, Germany
Materials: C, metals (melting point <3422°C)
Layer thickness measurements: Oscillating quartz
Heating current: max. 200 A
Vacuum: ~10-5 mbar

Heating temperature: max. 2000°C
Temperature measurement: W/Rh thermocouple
Heating crucible: C
Vacuum: 10-6 mbar

under construction

Type: PICO; Diener GmbH, Ebhausen, Germany
Process gases: O, Ar, H
Pressure measurement: Pirani sensor (10-2 - 10) mbar
Timer: max. 999,9 min
Chamber volume: ca. 5 l
Control: semi-automatic (hand control of pump, gas flow, plasma process and venting)
Free parameters: Process time, power, gas, pressure

under construction

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