Working group drOPS. Photo Andreas Foth / Universität Leipzig


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Nina Maherndl and Dr Maximlian Maahn monitoring a measuring device on the roof of the Leipzig Institute of Meteorology. Photo: Christian Hüller

Research Profile

The clouD and pRecipitation Observations for Process Studies (drOPS) research group is working on innovative methods to better measure precipitation and cloud properties using ground-based remote sensing and in-situ techniques.

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View form the airplane on arctic mixed phase clouds during the HALO-AC3 campaign west of Spitsbergen. Photo: Maximilian Maahn / Universität Leipzig
Planned measurement setup for the SAIL experiment. Illustration: Teresa Vogl / University of Leipzig
The Video In Situ Snowfall Sensor during the MOSAiC campaign on sea ice. Photo: Matthew Shupe


There are many colourful books on a bookshelf. Photo: Colourbox


Find a list of our publications on this page.

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Working group clouD and pRecipitation Observations for Process Studies

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