Our Research

Photo: Alfred-Wegener-Institute / Thomas Krumpen (CC-BY 4.0) The research aircraft Polar 5 flies over the research vessel Polarstern during a stopover on Spitsbergen (2015). Photo: Alfred Wegener Institute / Thomas Krumpen (CC-BY 4.0)

Research Profile

We use climate and weather models and apply versatile measurement techniques to study processes which govern the weather and climate.

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Ice floes in the Arctic. Photo: Marlen Brückner / Leipzig University
Photo: Heike Kalesse-Los / Leipzig University
Radiation sonde at ground in front of the Polarstern during MOSAiC. The sonde was designed for balloon-borne measurements. Photo: Michael Lonardi / Leipzig University
The Institute for Meteorology has a closed Göttinger-type wind channel. Photo: Swen Reichhold


Blue and white brochures of the publication series "Wissenschaftliche Mitteilungen" on the shelf. Photo: Katrin Schandert

Our Publications

A list of our publications is available on the Leuris:Portal.

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Academic Career

A young woman sits in front of a monitor and analyses a weather map. Photo Franziska Frenzel
Two young men stand on the roof of the institute behind the micro rain radar and look on a laptop. Photo: Swen Reichhold
The temperature and humidity curves can be programmed over several points and thus automated. Photo: Swen Reichhold