Our Research

Photo: Alfred-Wegener-Institute / Thomas Krumpen (CC-BY 4.0) The research aircraft Polar 5 flies over the research vessel Polarstern during a stopover on Spitsbergen (2015). Photo: Alfred Wegener Institute / Thomas Krumpen (CC-BY 4.0)

Research Profile

We use climate and weather models and apply versatile measurement techniques to study processes which govern the weather and climate.

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Ice floes in the Arctic. Photo: Marlen Brückner / Leipzig University
Photo: Heike Kalesse-Los / Leipzig University
Radiation sonde at ground in front of the Polarstern during MOSAiC. The sonde was designed for balloon-borne measurements. Photo: Michael Lonardi / Leipzig University
The Institute for Meteorology has a closed Göttinger-type wind channel. Photo: Swen Reichhold


Blue and white brochures of the publication series "Wissenschaftliche Mitteilungen" on the shelf. Photo: Katrin Schandert

Our Publications

A list of our publications is available on the Leuris:Portal.

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Academic Career

As a research-orientated institute, we offer ideal conditions and options for professional qualification and further development.

The letures of the Module Weather Prediction take place in seminar room 0.16. Photo. Swen Reichhold
Integrating spheres of various sizes are available for the radiometric calibration of camera and spectrometer systems. Photo: Swen Reichhold
An optical table with corresponding mounting brackets and an alignment laser is used to characterise the optical sensors. Photo: Swen Reichhold