360° cloud image with the measuring device in RGB colours. Photo: Institute for Meteorology

Our reearch profile

We use climate and weather models and apply versatile measurement techniques to study processes that govern the weather and climate.

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The research aircraft Polar 5 flies over the research vessel Polarstern during a stopover on Spitsbergen (2015). Photo: Alfred Wegener Institute / Thomas Krumpen (CC-BY 4.0)
Two students are sitting on the weather meadow. A student holds up a glass cylinder and a student takes a reading. Photo. Swen Reichhold
A young woman sits in front of a monitor and analyses a weather map. Photo Franziska Frenzel
Abstract connection network concept, stock image, Photo: Colourbox
First synoptic weather charts by H. W. Brandes showing air pressure variations on 24.12.1821, 6 o'clock in the evening. From: H. W. Brandes, De Repentinis Variationibus in Pressione Atmosphaerae Observatis, Leipzig, 1826


Vilhelm Bjerknes lecture hall during a lecture. Photo: Swen Reichholdd
The Institute for Meteorology has a closed Göttinger-type wind channel. Photo: Swen Reichhold
Ground based observation: LIMHAT, LIMRAD und LIMCUBE during the measuring operation on the roof of the Leipzig Institute of Meteorology. Photo: Heike Kalesse-Los / Universität Leipzig


Six Hands reaching over each other. Photo: Colourbox

Our Team

Meet our staff and read more about their focus areas in research and teaching.

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Blick in einen Hörsaal auf den Vortragenden

The Meteorological Colloquium

Here you will find the calendar of the Meteorological Colloquium of the Leipzig Institute for Meteorology.

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Auf einem Tisch liegen zwei Formulare und ein Kugelschreiber. Foto: Katrin Schandert
A calculator and two euro notes lie on the newspaper with the title Job Market. Photo: Colourbox
Tastatur mit roter Taste FAQ. Foto: Colourbox