The letures of the Module Weather Prediction take place in seminar room 0.16. Photo. Swen Reichhold

Studiengang Master Meteorology

At the Leipzig Institute of Meteorology you can take up a Master's degree in Meteorology.
The programme is research-oriented and provides in-depth insight into the theoretical and experimental workings of meteorology.

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A doctor's hat stands on a stack of books. Photo: Colourbox

Doctorate at the Faculty of Physics and Earth System Science

As a institute with a world-class research profile, we offer the ideal environment for a successful doctorate.

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Arbeitspapiere, Taschenrechner, Tastatur stehen auf einem Tisch. Foto: Colourbox
Ground-based observations: LIMHAT on the roof of our institute. Photo: Swen Reichhold
A calculator and two euro notes lie on the newspaper with the title Job Market. Photo: Colourbox


The temperature and humidity curves can be programmed over several points and thus automated. Photo: Swen Reichhold

PostDoc at the Faculty of Physics and Earth System Sciences

Postdoctoral training offers many options in terms of professionale qualification and development

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