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Meet the members of the team of the working group.

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Brewer-Dobson circulation vectors for a GPS based longitudinal dependent run. Residual velocity has units m/s. The intensity of circulation grows from blue to red. Christoph Jacobi

Research profile

The working group is involved in the study of the entire middle and upper atmosphere, i.e., the stratosphere, mesosphere, and thermosphere/ionosphere.

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Horizontally resolved winds from the MMARIA network (from Stober et al., 2018). Graphic: Christoph Jacobi
6-year mean zonal prevailing winds over Collm (from Jacobi, 2012)
QDT zonal wind amplitudes over Collm as measured by meteor radar. Christoph Jacobi
Climatological observations: VHF meteor radar at Collm Observatory measuring horizontal wind and temperature. Photo: Christoph Jacobi / University of Leipzig


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Our publications

On these pages you find the publications of our working group.

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