It makes sense to start thinking about career opportunities while you’re still at university. You have many options: Continue studying in the master’s program? Do you want to start your professional carrer or what about graduating with a Ph.D?

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Continue your studies?

After finishing the B.Sc. Meteorologie you can continue with the English M. Sc. Meteorology or start working.

What about doctorate?

After successfully completing your Master's degree, you can pursue a doctorate at the Institute for Meteorology or start working.

Starting a professional career?

Job oppertunities

After finishing your studies, you can find job opportunities in the following areas, among others:

  • Meteorological research
  • Weather and climate services
  • Renewable energy: consulting and forecasting
  • Environmental protection and management
  • Air pollution control and noise protection
  • Meteorological measurement technology: development, quality assurance, monitoring
  • Meteorological reports, climate certificates

Suppert and guidance

The Career Service of teh University is the central contact for all topics related to starting a career.

The Carrer Service

  • answering questions relating to professional orientation and starting a career,
  • advises internationale students when they are planning to work in Gemany,
  • offers you courses and quailifations on the subject of starting a career,
  • provides you a sector-by-sector summary of job portals and sources of information.


Job Portals

There are many ways to search for vacancies and internships. Knowing the right job exchange for your professional field will make it easier to search for jobs in the right place.

Career Service Job Portal

Job Board of the Association of Polar Early Career Scientists

The hub for jobs in meteorology - including atmospheric, oceanic and climate sciences

further Job portals


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